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Our Inspiration

Senibong Bay Seafood Restaurant was inspired by the eternal love of a husband for his late wife. The restaurant aims to provide a place where people can spend good times together and create unforgettable memories that last a lifetime. Conceptualised for people to gather and cherish good times together, the unwavering love of the landlord towards his late wife provides us inspiration.

Senibong Bay Seafood Restaurant stands majestically on a beautiful piece of land by the seaside.

Offering spectacular sunsets, delicious food, and live music that serenades through the night, all converging into a promise that the team at Senibong strives to deliver. The landlord's sincere blessing for every customer is felt and appreciated, making every visit to Senibong Bay Seafood Restaurant a special experience.

"A promise of love that manifests into good times that last a lifetime"

Our Commitment To Our Customers

Together, our hard work and sacrifice was to enable all our customers to enjoy the freshest and great value seafood at Senibong Bay Seafood.

Nanyang 100th Anniversary ​ Superb Brand Awards

We are deeply honoured to have been bestowed with an award by Nanyang Siang Pau during their Nanyang 100th Anniversary Superb Brand Awards ceremony, specifically in the category of Seafood Restaurant.

An Instaworthy Celebration of Sunset, Seafood, and Music

Singapore's View - Senibong Bay Seafood
Lobster Dish - Senibong Bay Seafood
Night Viewpoint - Senibong Bay Seafood
Crab Dish - Senibong Bay Seafood
Bar's View - Senibong Bay Seafood
Customer Service - Senibong Bay Seafood
Volcano Chicken - Senibong Bay Seafood
Night Viewpoint - Senibong Bay Seafood
Steamed Fish Dish - Senibong Bay Seafood

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We serve delicious dishes with all our heart, while providing sincere customer service!

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