Special Privileges


If you enjoy dining at Senibong Bay Seafood Restaurant, then joining as a member makes perfect sense as you'll get to enjoy exclusive benefits and privileges. Members are rewarded generously as a show of gratitude for your support. So, what does a Senibong Bay membership do for you?

Our members enjoy

Exclusive Benefits and Privileges

So, join us today!

Senibong Bay VIP Card members get to enjoy:

  • 10% discount for food, excluding beverages and alcholic drinks.
  • Free 1 fruit platter or desserts of the day.
  • Enjoy booking VIP ROOM without minimum spend.
  • Blessing pancake will be given on VIP member's birthday week.

Terms & Conditions:

Senibong Bay VIP Card is not valid for the following items:

  • Promotional items.
  • Take-away products.
  • Beverages of any kind.

VIP Card cannot be used together with any promotional coupons for additional discounts.

Senibong Bay Seafood Restaurant reserves the right to amend/modify the terms and conditions without prior notification.